Rates & Services

Rambling group walks, private walks and home visits designed to exercise, engage, and socialise your dog.


Specialising in small group walks in packs of no more than four dogs in beautiful locations spanning the North Dorset countryside.All group walks are £12 (£8 for an additional dog from same family). 

Our walks include pick-up and drop-off as standard in a safe, crate fitted Landrover Defender. We are confident with dogs of any age or size and are fully police checked and comprehensively insured. 


Group sessions



Morning Walk

A fresh and energetic start to the day - one hour in the fields, hills and rivers of the North Dorset countryside. We'll wear them out with a lot of playtime, socialising, paddling and exploring then take them home and get them settled for the day.

12:00 - 13:00


LuncH Walk

A good leg stretch to break up the day, often in the woods and hills around Blandford and Spetisbury where there's plenty of opportunity for exploring and sniffing. The most popular time slot, perfect for those who work 0900-1700.

16:00 - 17:00


Afternoon Walk

The last group slot of the day, ideal for those that don't arrive home until later. An afternoon stroll designed to make sure you come home to a relaxed, socialised and content dog instead of a ball of energy.




Daycare Package

Two Group Walks

If you need to be out of the house all day and your dog is happy to be home alone for up to three hours the full daycare service is a good option. This package can be offered on a regular or one-off basis. We'll keep you updated throughout the day and always make sure your dog has a great time on their walk and are calm and settled before leaving.



Puppy + dog drop-ins

Private visits for little pups going through their inoculations, starting separation training, or learning to socialise. For older dogs that are happiest relaxing at home we can also offer drop in visits at a time that suits them for a garden break, some one on one time, or any other requirements your dog may have. Visits last around 30 minutes at agreed time(s).



Private Walks


If your dog prefers their walks on a one-on-one basis or does not do well in group environments we can also private walks by appointment. Get in touch to arrange a consultation.


Event services

Guest Daycare

Bespoke guest doggy daycare services for weddings, parties and events. We'll keep them entertained, fed and walked whilst the big day goes ahead. Book well in advance.


Retreats + Yoga

Spa + Mindfullness

Dorset is full of outstanding mind and body retreats. If you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety we can take the stress out of your me time with group walks or solo excursions. 



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